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Slavery Today

Combating Modern Day Slavery
by Rev Arlington Trotman delivered at the Scottish Churches Racial Justice Conference, 16 June 2007, Blantyre
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CHASTE calls for the abolition of sexual enslavement 2007
25 March 2007 marks 200 years to the day that a Parliamentary Bill was passed to abolish the slave trade in the British colonies.  However although Slavery from Africa finally came to an end in the Americas in 1888, the United Nations still estimates that there are tens of millions of people still in forms of servitude today.
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Stand Up for Africa 
To mark the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade, Stand up for Africa had just launched a unique initiative
'Explore Africa 2007' that should be able to interest a very large number of people worldwide, with relevant interests in slavery past and present and African development in general. The project (the Explore Africa 2007) is an invitation to a fascinating week-long visit to Benin, a beautiful country in West Africa with a terrible connection to slavery. The goal of the project is to give participants the opportunity to learn more about slavery past (by exploring fascinating cities historically linked to the slave trade) and present. The Project encourages participants to help end modern day slavery by fostering cultural understanding and solidarity.

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